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— Daily Tune 24/02/2020

Special-K – ‘Quest To Impress’

Special-K is on a mission, riding her horse up to true love’s door to see who knocks, and that’s just the video for her new single Quest To Impress. If you’ve liked the Icelandic artist’s previous work, you’ll almost certainly like Quest. The lyrical smarts that made her LP I Thought I’d Be More Famous By Now are still in focus here, as she does a verbal ballroom dance across the good and bad sides of her current obsession. But musically she allows herself to have a little more fun than the last EP’s more lofi sound, with Quest To Impress built from a nimble piano line and the details filled in nicely with flourishes of harpsichord. Even when she’s playing with medieval costumes, both musically and visually, a Special-K song still sounds like very modern fun. She’s also got a new EP out soon, so keep an eye out for that.

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