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— Daily Tune 17/07/2020

Spring & I Bring Nelson Can’s “Madness” Into The Night On New Remix

We met Danish duo Spring & I back at by:Larm this year, and now they’re back with their first piece of new work since they dropped the single Crying 4 You during that festival. Which takes the form of a remix of their fellow Danes Nelson Can‘s track Madness, from their 2020 album So Long Desire. Madness is a song well-suited to a remix – it’s got that natural sense of drama and theatre that lends itself to re-imagining, and on this one Spring & I swap the original’s slow build-up for slick, smooth beats. They transform it into a heavy and hungry club song, and take it right into the heart of the night. Spring & I say: “Since all our concerts during spring and summer got cancelled, we’ve had some extra time to produce new material in our studio. All this extra time gave us an opportunity to try out some new stuff, and we quickly decided that we wanted to make our first remix. Nelson Can released the stems from their latest album So Long Desire during corona, so we saw it as a fun challenge to mash up their raw rock sound with our electronic universe”. If you’re in the mood for more Nelson Can remixes, they’ve also put out two volumes of So Long Desire reworks over here.

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