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— Daily Tune 08/10/2019

Spunsugar – ‘Crumble’

The latest signings to Adrian Recordings (Alice Boman, This Is Head), Spunsugar (Cordelia Moreau, Elin Ramstedt and Felix Sjöström) got started when childhood friends Moreau and Ramstedt ended up in Malmö as students and started writing music together again. Now with a debut EP out, they’re marking themselves out the the newest additions to Sweden’s shoegaze scene, and Crumble makes it clear they’re not going to be outshone on that turf. A significant chuck of the trick to making good shoegaze is getting the blend of sugar and steel exactly right, and that’s something they’ve nailed on Crumble, the chugging bassline anchoring and adding the force to the spiky guitars and airy, spectral vocal. Their debut EP Mouth Full Of Teeth is out now.

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