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— Daily Tune 07/02/2019

Star Horse – ‘Pickle Plum’

An idea that started in Tokyo and bloomed in Stockholm, Star Horse are a band that have their origins in the meeting of Maja Thunberg and Andreas Ryberg in the Japanese city, a duo who then expanded their idea for a band into a four-piece when they returned to Sweden. Since then, they’ve been putting out music that hovers on the line between shoegaze and dream-pop, and now have a debut album on the way. The latest single to emerge from that is Pickle Plum, and it’s a fine introduction to the band’s world. A pop song deep-fried in fuzz, there are some angelic melodies here, draped in a curtain of haze and blurred guitars. It’s out now, and their debut album You Said Forever arrives on Startracks next week (on February 15).

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