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— Daily Tune 15/06/2018

Svetla V – ‘Beauty’

Svetla V is a prodigious polyglot. In addition to her native Russian, she also speaks Norwegian, Danish and English, and later moved in Bergen in Norway. She’s also got a flair for music, as her new single Beauty proves. The lead single from her upcoming debut album, Beauty is synth-pop at its most icy. ‘Beauty isn’t dancing, isn’t loving’, half-sings Svetla in a stark, blank monovoice, on a song that leans more into club music than outright pop. That emotional coldness and the song’s repetitive hook locks into your brain’s undercurrents, for a piece of high-art night music. Svetla V says: ‘I would like people to dance to it. It is meant for sort of meditative, lazy dancing with the head shut down, not thinking about anything’. Beauty is out now on Eget Selskap. Svetla V plays the Red Bull Music Academy Awards in Berlin in September. 

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