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— Daily Tune 06/11/2020

Sylvie Kreusch Fires It Up On Bewitching “Just A Touch Away”

The model-turned-musician Sylvie Kreusch has always had a special feel for just the right amount of melodrama. And with her most recent Just A Touch Away, she has also crafted a consuming art-pop piece for the age of social distancing. Alluring and mesmerising, the Antwerp native and female voice of Warhaus delivers a roaring spectacle, both in the sound and the visuals. Driven by mad percussions and dramatic in-between shouts that pierce through the whole texture, the piece is a haunting experience dealing with the passionate desire to connect with someone, when physical closeness is not possible. “I wanna see you / I wanna meet you / I wanna feel you / And now I know where you wanna go”, she sings and we can feel every bit of the exhausting madness going on. “The spell is just a touch away”, isn’t it? Treat yourself to some of these lockdown vibes and tune in right here, it is so worth it.

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