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— Daily Tune 17/05/2018

Tanukichan – ‘Lazy Love’

Lazy Love, the lead track from Hannah Van Loon’s upcoming debut album as Tanukichan, leaves the wheel firmly un-reinvented. Lazy Love won’t sound like anything out of the blue to anyone who’s ever picked up a shoegaze album. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. The wheel still works well, shoegaze is still good and Van Loon knows how to make good shoegaze. Lazy Love stretches out and drifts along like a cloud floating across the sky, a dreamy, lush scene to get lost in. But there’s enough muscle in the guitars that tear into the track now and again to keep it interesting, and add a little grit and edge to Van Loon’s fuzzworld. Her Toro Y Moi-produced debut album Sundays is out on Company Records on July 13.

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