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— Daily Tune 10/12/2019

Tara Nome Doyle & Henning Schmiedt – ‘Stille Natt’

Two stars of the Berlin musical cosmos come together on this one, as Tara Nome Doyle and pianist Henning Schmiedt team up for the track Stille Natt. The roots of the song go deep, into the singer’s Norwegian heritage and the knowledge of the country’s folk music that heritage provides. But while there’s a lot of shared DNA, Stille Natt doesn’t emerge sounding like traditional Norwegian folk exactly. Instead, Schmiedt’s piano pulls it into something like score music for an opera we’ll never see, a song beautifully-crafted with all the delicacy and grace of a stained-glass window, with the piano and vocals twisting around each other like dancers in motion. The song is out now on FLAU, and Tara Nome Doyle‘s anticipated debut album Alchemy is out on January 24.

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