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— Daily Tune 30/04/2020

Tella Viv Launch New Album With Slick “Ringside” Rock

It’s not the first time Stockholm band Tella Viv have stepped into the ring. Now consolidated as duo Carl Hjelm Sandqvist and Benjamin Lavén after several line-up shifts, they’ve tested and tasted several different genres over the years. But with their debut album I finally here, they’ve firmed up and focused their sound as sharp tight indie-rock, and album track Ringside is I‘s standout. Ringside is slick, lean, mean rock music, and that plays into their strengths, choppy guitars, light-footed bass lines and Sandqvist’s voice, perfectly suited to surfing the song’s waves. But it’s the execution that makes Ringside one of their best songs – every touch they add here boosts it up another level, from the synth sparkle that shines up the chorus to the raw energy they roar into the last straight with.  They manage to make all their stars align on this one, and that bodes well for the album. I is out now on Bolero Recordings.

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