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— Daily Tune 25/06/2018

The Rhythm Method – ‘Chin Up’

Whether you want to or not, you can’t get around the fact that pretty much everything is set around a round ball at the moment. And even today’s Daily Tune is. The duo The Rhythm Method from Southwest London makes the quirkiest and wittiest pop tunes we’ve seen coming from the island of great music since a long time, alongside to great retro music videos. Think: The Streets meets Pet Shop Boys and New Order. And their latest tune Chin Up reminds us very strongly of New Order’s iconic football anthem World In Motion. Chin Up is a footie tune dedicated for the English football team. The music video mixes retro football scenes and the duo Joey and Rowan kicking the ball with their friends. Below the Youtube video, the duo describes their song as ‚bold, funny, energetic and all the other things we don’t hear enough of in current music‘. And that’s what Chin Up is: a bold, feel-good song about what some people call the best thing in the world. Although it isn’t really time for the Three Lions to chin up, as their doing quite well in the World Cup so far.

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