— Daily Tune 03/12/2018

Tiflis Transit – ‘May’

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to go for a walk in the deserted streets of midtown Berlin while the cold December winds are tugging on your scarf? Tiflis Transit’s new tune May comes with a heartachingly blue piano melody and delivers just the right amount of nostalgia to go with the frosty fall weather. The Wuppertal collective gained recognition in the indie music circuits with their debut EP Mondane Dysfunction earlier this year and recently released the official video for May. On the single Fabian Till’s smooth vocals effortlessly glide across the mellow arrangement of the band while the saxophone and the trumpet give it a soulful twist. Tiflis Transit fuse different genres to a track, which balances in between indie melancholia and uplifting soul grooves, and prove their elaborate skill for song writing.