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— Daily Tune 02/02/2022

Tomberlin’s New Single “idkwntht” Reveals Soothing Lo-Fi Harmonies

“I don’t know who needs to hear this”, singer-songwriter Sarah Beth Tomberlin starts off on her new tune, which goes by its initial letters idkwntht and it is the launch of the most tender poetic built-up you have heard this year. Her first new music since the 2020’s acclaimed Projections EP, the New York artist stages a powerful return with a tune that almost feels like a whispered poem, in all its tranquil and expressive manner, solely accompanied by mellow acoustic guitar plucks, occasional sax elements and featuring guest vocals by Told Slant’s Felix Walworth. “It’s about taking a moment for remembrance, clarity, and setting an intention for what is to come. Kind of like a song version of writing out your intentions on a full moon. holding onto feelings, words, and past versions of ourselves and our behavior only helps when we can examine experiences once we are outside of them”, the songwriter shares. Head into this gem right here and make sure you check out her previous material as well!

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