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— Daily Tune 17/11/2020

The Stars Align For Trophy Wife On Indie Rock Gem “Apartment”

Trophy Wife is the project of Irish artist Ruby Smith, who before now had released a splatter of singles over the course of the last year. Now it’s time for her debut EP, Art, a record that dabbles in a few things, from R’n’B to synth-pop, but she keeps the gold toward the end in the form of Apartment, her best song yet. It’s an indie-rock song where all the elements line up perfectly  – the guitar lines have a fizz and swagger to them, the melodies shine and her vocals let her personality flows through the song, giving it its soul. There’s also more going on here than just a simple indie song – Apartment stretches up to five minutes, and it’s got the songwriting chops to make that length work for it. It grows and develops as it progresses while never sounding flat or out of ideas, and earns that extended runtime. It’s an impressive achievement for something on a debut EP, but it’s also a song that’s open and easy to fall for – it won’t take more than a few listens for Apartment to win you over forever. The Art EP is out now.

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