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— Daily Tune 14/05/2019

TVc – ‘You’ (feat. Bad UX)

TVc is the solo project of Adam Odelfelt, formerly of the Stockholm rock band Tella Viv. And after a year or so’s silence since he released his last EP I Saw You Dance, he’s finally back with a new track. You is a piece of mutant funk-meets-club music, with a big, fat synth acting as the track’s main propeller, driving it along. Vocal help comes from Bad UX, who sings the similarly minimalistic hook, for an unfussy, slick experiment in oddball dance music. It comes with a body positivity plus video, directed by Vera Lanå Bolin, of which Odelfelt says: “The idea with the video is to portray community through a way we’re not used to seeing it. Old people and their bodies are excluded from the media constantly, so we thought it was cool to turn that around when we made the video for ‘You'”.

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