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— Daily Tune 27/11/2018

Unloved – ‘Crash Boom Bang’

If you name your band project Unloved, what lies nearer than calling your second album Heartbreak? That’s what the vocalist Jade Vincent probably thought when deciding the album title for her second longplayer, to be released in February 2019 by the renowned London-label Heavenly Recordings (home to artists such as Amber Arcades or Confidence Man). Her musical partners are Keefus Ciancia (producer/composer) and David Holmes (DJ/producer/composer). The three all produced the music for television and films from Spider-Man to True Detective to Good Vibrations. With the Belfast trio’s newest single Crash Boom Bang, a chilly and romantic lo-fi anthem remembering us of 60s French pop, we’re even more looking forward to the release of their second album.

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