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— Daily Tune 06/03/2018

Varley – ‘Roamer’ (Jaime Remix)

Producer-duo Jaime from South-Germany just released the first single of their new album, which is probably not arriving before next year. The track itself is a remix of Roamer by the band VARLEY and it got the sort of sound that forces the listener to take a break in his daily life and just listen to it, thanks to Jaime‘s quite unique sound design. No genre appears to be safe as their music ranges from Hip Hop to Trap straight to experimental electronica. Live, the two friends unfold an epochal sound and a spectacular show full of percussion, drums and brutal beats that leave no body unmoved. In 2017 the two gentlemen have already released their first EP called Levitate, which generated first fans and a positive response. Jaime are currently working on new songs and finishing a full album, which might sound a little bit different than the former EP. The first single definitely makes us hope for more.

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