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— Daily Tune 11/04/2019

Vera Hotsauce – ‘Bring Me Down’

At the tail end of last year we premiered Daddy, the wrenched-heart, digital ballad that led Vera Hotsauce‘s mixtape Let Me Show U What Love Is. Since then, Hotsauce has been running at full speed, dropping an EP, Happy/ Bad, in early 2019 and getting ready now for another this week. Leading her latest short-player is new single Bring Me Down. Bring Me Down locks into a Charli XCX-style swagger, a motorcycle of a hip-hop influenced pop song that drops the accelerator and guns forward with full speed and force. It’s a ode to friendship song, but there’s nothing sentimental or soft about it – instead, it’s a bulletproof-confident tribute to a partnership that can do anything. Hotsauce’s new EP Redpill is out on Friday.

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