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— Daily Tune 13/12/2018

Veyls Mâneyr – ‘Take Me Back’

Tired of rushing through the exhausting pre-christmas days? Still afraid of the post-millennial rush that is going to enslave us fully one day? Calm down and inject yourself at least five minutes of this. It’s gloomy, it’s lofi, it’s analogue love in digital times. The artist named Veyls Mâneyr collects six little pop anthems on his first self titled release, with a sound that isn’t tight nor is it tidy. It’s the magic crackle in between, that brings up all the gaps to search and find the glimpse of soul you’ve missed in these cold days. Yes this is, of course, sad pop at its best but with all the brightness and glory we know and love from our 80s pop darlings. So, no matter if you like to stay in bed the whole day or fight your way through this greyish world, take that little piece of music with you and embrace the melancholia, you won’t regret.

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