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— Daily Tune 12/05/2020

WEIRDO Returns With Twisted-Pop Adventure Called “Eurotrash”

Delivering pretty much what it says on the tin, the comeback single from UK-Based songwriter WEIRDO certainly falls in the unconventional bracket. Released via Youth LTD, Eurotrash has elements of pop, electronica & indie but sits completely on it’s own in the genre landscape. It’s a track that reflects the artists non-conformist attitude and the farcical nature of modern society, through the vehicle of new-wave pop. The new single marks something of a comeback for the Birmingham native. He launched his project in 2014, sending a demo to YouTube channel Majestic Casual. The resulting video would go on to have over one million views, with the likes of Annie Mac, Radio 1, Pigeons and Planes and more howing the love. With all this hype online and on the airwaves, the worst thing to do now, of course, would be to disappear from the scene completely. Which is exactly what he did. Putting the decision down to having to focus on the normal life & paying too many bills including “broken mind & heart tax”‘ it seems he’s learned his lesson. Returning with full focus this Spring, Eurotrash marks the start of his new chapter. It’s a track that’s built from effervescent synth layers and minimalistic drum sections, forming the foundation for the ironic musings in the lyrics. It’s a release that’s sufficiently weird enough to bear the artists name and with some luck, he won’t disappear for another five years after this one.

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