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— Daily Tune 29/06/2020

Whomsoever Tries Out A Soul Ballad On “Shut Up”

The baby of Hjalmar Antonsson, Whomsoever is the latest promising new artist out of Malmö, and he released his debut single Testament last week. Tucked away as the B-side to that song however is a song that’s probably even better. While on Testament he takes on big synth-pop, Shut Up sees him try his hand as a soul man. Set over simple, syrupy lounge-pop, Antonsson really has to step into the spotlight as a frontman and sell this song, and he does that wringing his voice into a winning falsetto and living every word like his life depended on it. It’s a difficult song to pull off, but he makes it work with his charisma and willingness to bare his heart. Antonsson says: “The song is written to myself and is about my fear of being stupid, uninteresting and not daring to be ugly. It’s a song of encouragement to dare to let go of the vanity and show who I am”. The Testament/ Shut Up double-single is out now on Adrian Recordings.

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