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— Daily Tune 16/05/2018

Wildhart – ‘New Beginning’

Pop oddballs Wildhart are back, but not as we knew them. Formerly a trio, they’ve returned after a two-year absence (which singer Ylva Holmdahl partially spent drumming with Holy Now) as a duo, and their new single New Beginning is our first taste of the reworked Wildhart‘s work. So what do we learn from it? Well, it’s a more chilled, lush song than maybe anything they’ve done before, eschewing the acrobatic choruses of their debut for dreamy, graceful pop music. Holmdahl is a spectacular singer, but here she adapts a more restrained, relaxed tone, chirping ‘ain’t it sweet when the tears fall down’ as synths bubble softly behind her. Airy and breezy, it’s an elegant introduction to a new Wildhart.

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