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— Daily Tune 24/09/2020

Will Joseph Cook Lights A Cheerful Firework On “Be Around Me”

Enthusiastic, bright and with plenty of indie-dancefloor vibes to draw you in, Will Joseph Cook’s latest single Be Around Me gives a well-tuned shoutout to the joys of summer, carefree spirits and the precious feeling of falling for someone. Sweet falsetto vocal parts meet up with a rhythmic groove and a youthful indie charm that will ring memories all the way back to MGMT or Vampire Weekend. This tune is all about „those moments when you’re teetering on the edge of falling for someone, the transition between playing it cool and showing vulnerability“, Cook reveals. Well done, isn’t it? Get yourself some of the dizzying vibes of this dancy banger right here. And while you’re at it, stay tuned for more of this gentleman – his sophomore LP Something To Feel Good About arrives this November and he already released the first half of it these days.

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