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— Daily Tune 25/01/2022

Wilma Nea Is “Stoked” About A Budding Young Love

There are not many instances of feeling invincible, but a growing young love probably captures best that feeling, when it is just “us against the world”, doesn’t it? On her recent single Stoked, Swedish singer-songwriter Wilma Nea has tried to re-enact that sentiment and the tune brims with budding vitality and the promise of bright shores. “In ‘Stoked’, the singer explains, “I wanted to capture the feeling of an indie film where two kids in love go on a trip to Italy. They’ve managed to patch up their relationship, so they don’t care about all the problems, and the rain pouring down”. Shaped by influences ranging from Fiona Apple to Ane Brun and Kate Bush, the artist displays an enthralling vision of desire and warm, sweet-sounding sentiment. Head over to the tune right here.

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