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— Daily Tune 28/03/2019

Wy – ‘Tired II’

Wy, a band set up with the express goal of seeing if an inanimate object like a guitar can be depressed, are almost over the hill with their new album Softie, set to land at the end of April. The Malmö duo have therefore dropped a brand new single, Tired II, and of the music to emerge from the record so far, this is the song that soars highest. Colossal in scale, it rides along on the tsunami force of Ebba’s vocal and Micel’s softy-bruised guitars, for a song that sounds wretched and hurt and all the more powerful for it. Ebba says: ‘We filmed the video during the fall and winter of last year, which was a really tough time for both of us. I had a job that was killing me, we broke up with our current record label, we fought with our friends, we were forced to leave our apartment and cancel our tour. It was just a lot at the same time. We came up with the idea because we wanted to balance out the drama of the song with something simple and personal, and because of the circumstances the video became really important to us. I get very emotional when I watch it because to me this is the first time one of our videos is showing Michel how I see him, and how he sees me.’

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