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— Daily Tune 05/03/2019

WYRES – ‘He-Hello’

Out of the ashes of their former band Humfree Bug Art, Fredrik Forell and Arvid Eriksson formed the band WYRES, and we brought you their single Water just under a year ago. After releasing their debut self-titled EP last year, they’re now back with their first single of 2019, He-Hello. And what He-Hello is, is a sunny, bouncy pop song. Built from a goofy synth-shuffle, it pairs the band’s knack for springy groove with airy pop harmonics. WYRES say: ‘It’s pretty funny how He-Hello came to be. Originally the somewhat corky beat was made for Fredrik’s kid. Then by a coincidence, I got to hear it when Fredrik was playing around with it in the studio and in like 15 minutes we had a full basic verse and chorus! Quite ironic how the song was originally made for a kid since the lyrics more or less describe a kid’s point of view during their parent’s divorce’. He-Hello is out now on Something Beautiful.

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