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— Daily Tune 27/06/2018

Yerbownik – ‘Lost’

NOIR Collective is a recently-founded Polish producer collective, and Yerbownik is one of their members. A producer who specialises in billowing, muscular witch-house and wave music (and who also has a side-project as a rapper under the name Młody Yerba) his new release is a collaboration with Tokyo Tears. Lost is adrenaline-rush electronica, club music stretched into something more airy and  cinematic. Icy synths add the edge to the song’s atmosphere, but Lost is all about the producers’ ability to play with the build up and release of tension. The song’s magic comes those quiet seconds when the sound is stripped back and the nervous energy is cranked up, before it’s all released in the crash back into the ‘chorus’. It’s a heavy song that hits with force, and drags the listener into its world. Lost is out now on all platforms.

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