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— Daily Tune 22/09/2020

Danish Band Yung Re-hit The Ground Running On “New Fast Song”

As a first note here, 99% of song titles are stupid anyway, so calling a song New Fast Song is a great exercise in getting to the fucking point. Four-piece Yung were part of a wave of new Danish guitar bands about a half-decade ago, but went awol after the release of their 2016 debut album A Youthful Dream. Now they’re back, signed up to Stockholm label PNKSLM, with a new album set for release next year. New Fast Song is the latest single from it, and it does more or less what it says on the tin, a rubber-burning, high-octane storm of swirling guitars. Basically, it’s got a lot of energy, but they know how to use it, making New Fast Song a tight, focused hybrid of post-punk and surf-rock. That restless energy is matched by the song’s mood, the sense of a thousand thoughts flowing at once in the lyrics. The band say: “The lyrics for this one were written in the backseat of a tour van. As we hit the road I was hit by an overwhelming amount of emotions. Post-tour blues, joy of returning home, frustration from realising a normal everyday routine would appear in life, a private economy which was barely existing, the beauty of Madrid and all its small and narrow streets and beautiful balconies, an unbelievably hot day and the prospects of being confined in an upright position in the backseat of a tour van the next 2.500 kilometres”. 

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