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— Daily Tune 06/11/2018

ZAAR – ‘For A While’

I saw Danes ZAAR (Sara Flindt with Bjarke Amdrup and Jonathan Ludvigsen) for first time back at G! Festival on the Faroes, when they played at 3am in such heavy rain that I think I might still have some kind of water-lung disease from having stood in that rain to watch it. They’ve now just released their new single, For A While, and it’s a perfect introduction to their shape-shifting, experimental art-pop. ZAAR take the time to let For A While unfold slowly, Flindt’s voice joined only by sparse accompanying beats, before drums clack into place and they start to paint more detail into the song. It twists and turns into different forms constantly, building up slowly before a finale that hits you like a crashing wave. All in all, it makes for slowburning, otherworldly electronica. It’s out now, and you can catch ZAAR at Iceland Airwaves on Thursday.

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