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— Daily Tune 08/07/2019

ZAAR – ‘Our Love Is Dead’

Sara Flindt’s project ZAAR has a new EP on the way, and she’s leading the campaign for that with a brand new single, Our Love Is Dead. Our Love Is Dead sticks to the classic sound they’ve established on their earlier outings, a cauldron of strange noise bubbling and swirling around Flindt’s vocals. Our Love Is Dead is built like a storm drawing in, starting off softly and delicately before the the force and tension gradually ramps up, all to be resolved in a crashing, thundering conclusion. If synth-pop on an operatic scale is your thing, this will be right up your alley. Flindt says Our Love is Dead is a mixture of synthscapes, clichéd young love and loss of identity when a young girl tries to figure out how to reclaim foothold after her mirror shatters. I really can’t wait to hear what my music will sound like in 40 years from now”

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