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— Daily Tune 16/03/2018

Zulu – ‘Inactive Life’

Though Zulu had already been active for quite a while under a different name, it was a string of visually impressing videos and their corresponding introspective compositions that drew our attention to the trio from Würzburg, Bavaria. Their latest offering Inactive Life comes without cinematic accompaniment, but this does not take away from the experience, which feeds on the bouncy electronics and chiming melodic work reminiscent of label mates Wyoming. Fronted by singer Max Seeger’s gentle delivery, the track’s melancholy clashes with a restless rhythm section. ‘You’ve been up to something lately / Did you spend your life gazing from inside?’ wonders Seeger, while the music appears to give a more nuanced description of the turmoil the addressee is experiencing. Zulu’s debut album analogue heart // digital brain is out on March 23 via AdP Records.

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