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— Daily Tune 02/02/2018

Alice Boman – ‘End Of Time’

I think Swedish songwriter Alice Boman has been flying under the radar for far too long, so let’s take a moment to worship her qualities. End Of Time is the second new song following last year’s wonderful and hypnotizing Dreams (that followed a brief hiatus) and it’s a marvellous piece of floating pop. According to Boman the track is a message to someone and ‘a wish for this someone to let you in, to just let you be there’ as she explains. The trippy music video, directed by Jeanne Lula Chauveau underlines the tender character of End Of Time. The clip finds Boman and a dancer interacting on a dimly lit bridge in Paris and it’s indeed kind of irresistible . Let’s hope 2018 will finally see her getting the credit she deserves, right?

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