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— Daily Tune 26/02/2018

ÄTNA – ‘Brother’

Quite often the music that’s the hardest to label can be the most fascinating one. ÄTNA are a young two-piece from East-German city Dresden and their unusual and adventurous sound already created a little buzz which we kindly like to increase right now. Singer Inéz and drummer Demian deliver a jazz-infected, highly percussive and dark-twisted version of pop that manages to combine worlds that usually don’t have the best releationship with each other – abstract avant-garde and soulful pop. Somewhere between Björk, Fever Ray, Kamasi Washington and plenty of other references the dynamic duo created something that is hard to find these days: a sound that is truly unique and fresh compared to most of contemporary music’s releases. The notion of ÄTNA‘s latest single Brother is an organic and nervous hypnotic vibe that also delivers more than one twist within those five minutes to keep the listener’s attention. Well, it’s quite an experience to say the least and it surely gets us excited for their debut album which arrives in April.

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