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— Daily Tune 06/02/2018

Hater – ‘Rest’

Do you know the feeling when you stumble upon a new band and wonder where they have been all of your life? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Falling in love with a band and record that seems to instantly connect with you. When I witnessed Swedish band Hater a few weeks back at ESNS 18 I already sensed that back then but a closer look on their latest releases – 2017’s You Tried debut album and the follow-up EP Red Blinders – was necessary to ultimately fall in love with their tender old-fashioned indie-rock. Distinctive singer Caroline Landahl and her band deliver that dreamy, sun-drenched melancholia I always enjoyed from bands like Beach Fossils, Seapony, Memoryhouse or Big Deal. And since some of those unfortunately split up over the past years it’s great to have young talent like Hater to step in. The song Rest is a wonderful promise of everlasting adolescence and luckily enough, I’m not too old yet to fall for that. The band’s currently on tour, so please come by.

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