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— Daily Tune 22/02/2018

Jamison Isaak – ‘EP1’

Usually the ‘Daily Tune’ is a one-song only affair but in the case of Jamison Isaak‘s debut EP it makes sense to look at the entire picture as all four songs naturally float into each other and create one giant lovely picture, painted by gentle piano and guitar play plus delicate ambient textures. However, the label ‘debut’ EP is a bit misleading as Isaak has been releasing beautiful electronic dream pop for over a decade now under his alias Teen Daze (just take last year’s wonderful Themes For Dying Earth as an example). But he needed a clean cut for this new more reduced and organic sound he produced with longtime collaborator Jonathan Anderson. The result is one of raw and pure beauty that establishes Jamison Isaak as one of contemporary music’s hidden treasures.

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