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— Daily Tune 07/02/2018

Orph – ‘Buildings Are On Fire’

Orph have always been a band that took their approach towards music quite ambitious and thoughtful. Some of the ‘older’ NBHAP readers might remember our coverage of their debut album from around six years ago here and here. The collective around mastermind Marco De Haunt took its time to work on a follow-up which is now ready to get released. Buidings Are On Fire is the lead single from their new album The Pyramid Tears Of Simba and it’s an epic pop gem for all lovers of M83-like cinematic sounds and visions. The accompanying video might be a bit simpler but everything else is a bit more opulent in the sci-fi fantasy world of De Hunt and his gang. The album arrives on February the 9th and I’m pretty sure Orph will continue to find a fascinated new fanbase with it.

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