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— Daily Tune 08/12/2017

08.12.17 – Normal Life

Sometimes it’s a thin line between art and trash and sometimes you just head more for the cheasy direction to create something artistically fresh. Finnish duo Artturi Taira (aka Shivan Dragn) and Miikka Koivisto (of Disco Ensemble) call their band Normal Life and the sound of their debut release is quite a special one. They somehow manage to mix their eclectic songwriting and DIY spirit with quite old-fashioned late 90s dance and rave sounds. Spiderwebs, the A-Side of their new double single comes with a pumping 150 bpm groove and the other tune, Violence, comes with truly uncool trance vibes we personally haven’t experienced since 1998. And sometimes it takes a bit biographical distance to worship that again. Call it nostalgia, call it joy but this one sounds quite unique.

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