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— Daily Tune 13/11/2017

13.11.17 – Kedr Livanskiy

Russian electronic producer Yana Kedrina aka Kedr Livanskiy is one of the current scene’s most exciting hidden treasures and finest new artists we stumbled upon in 2017. Her debut album Adriana was released back in September and it’s a mesmerizing piece of ghostly lo-fi electropop, filled with melancholia and retro-infected sounds. It’s really good, to say the least and if you aren’t on board of the hype train yet her new video for Your Name might also help. Filmed in rural Russia, the clip perfectly captures the youthful naiveté and adolescent recklessness of its protagonists. The music of Kedr Livanskiy also really helps to transport the tender atmosphere. Are you convinced by now?

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