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— Daily Tune 09/02/2021

Adeline Shines On Bass And Vocals On Her Neo-Soul Single “Whisper My Name”

Singer and bassist Adeline is stepping back onto the map following her 2020 EP Interimes with the single Whisper My Name. Released as a live recording of her Colors debut performance, the artist shines on the bass as well as on the mic. The warm groovy vibes of the single shift from neo-soul to funky elements and have the power to brighten up grey days. Adeline’s tight bass line accompanies the heartwarming lyrics about the beginnings of a new relationship. “Every time you come my way; I want to hear you whisper my name”, she croons, and her vocals skip into the falsetto range as easily as her fingers move across the neck of the bass guitar. Whisper My Name is an ode to new love and teases whatever else the artist is cooking up for 2021.

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