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— Daily Tune 04/09/2019

Alice Boman – ‘This Is Where It Ends’

Swedish songwriter Alice Boman is anything but a newcomer (we already introduced you to her four years ago) but in many ways this new song feels like a fresh start and it’s more than ironic that she actually picked This Is Where It Ends as the title for her new song. But since she also sings ‘this is where it starts’ it actually make sense to release track as her first release on PIAS. It’a stunning ballad that brings out all her talent and musicality. It might start like a reduced slow burner but be sure that things get a big more epic towards the end, making you really crace for more music from here. And luckily we’ll get it. After years of many stand-along singles and EP’s Alice Boman will finally release her full-length debut album later this year and I’m pretty sure that’s really just the start of a fascinating chapter in her career.

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