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— Daily Tune 22/02/2021

Alligator Gozaimasu And “Entropia” Is Experimental Music For A Good Cause

Alligator Gozaimasu (derived from ‘Arrigato Gozaimasu’ which is ‘Thank you very much’ in Japanese) is an experimental music and art group which was started in 2014 by Stephanie Müller and Laura Theis aka beißpony. Now, there are more than 60 members from all around the world involved. In 2020, the group started an album series: From July onwards, each month saw the release of a new episode of Solange bunte Balken durchlaufen (‘As Long as Render Bars Go Colourful’). The haunting Entropia appears on episode #4 and exemplifies Alligator Gozaimasu‘s work: It’s a mixture of spoken and sung lyrics in different languages and sounds from instruments as well as field recordings. Because of its allusions to snow, the past and chaos, the song leaves a gloomy feeling (and might match your current mood). On February 26, episode #7 will be released and the proceeds will go to Sea-Watch e. V. again. There will be a special release show on February 28 with two hours full of interviews, music, poetry and videos, presented by Orange ‘Ear. Alligator Gozaimasu will also improvise live together for the first time, so tune in and support by following that embed!

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