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— Daily Tune 01/06/2020

Amo Amo Criticize “Missed Connection” With Nature On Tropical New Single

There are multiple ways on how you can interpret the term ‘missed connection’ … most of you might associate it with a technological notion, one we witness a lot during video calls these days. For Californian psych pop duo Amo Amo the issue is a different one. For the duo their sun-drenched new single expresses a deeply felt yearning for reconnection with nature. It’s something we all sense right now, especially during this pandemic year which forces us to stay at home way too long. Nature might not need humanity (it’s actually better off without it) – it’s the other way around and you can’t emphasize this enough. Doing it via a smooth and tropical pop anthem is a way  I totally support anytime and the vibe of Missed Connection is just too tempting to not fall for it. It’s meaningful, catchy and the perfect tune you should be playing this summer. In case you like what you here: Amo Amo got an entire EP called Canta ready to be released on June 19 via Pacific Standard Records (the label of Poolside) and you should not miss to connect yourself with this one.

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