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— Daily Tune 16/04/2019

Angie McMahon – ‘Pasta’

‘My bedroom is a disaster’ is the line that opens the latest release by Melbourne indie rock darling Angie McMahon. The singer-songwriter has stated her close relationship to the tasty carbohydrates on Instagram previously, so it should not come as a surprise that the single is called Pasta. Actually, it is much less trivial than the title implies and an utterly personal account of feeling lost in the world. Written after eating a whole lasagna, the single has witty dry humor and a message people of all ages relate to. With soaring vocals, Angie McMahon sings of the mundanity of life’s details, while the guitar riffs crash down like angry waves at some times, and at other times are soothingly melodic. Pasta describes a feeling of disconnectedness, yet at the end lets some hope glimmer through the abysses of lethargy.

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