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— Daily Tune 29/04/2020

Ant Antic Brings Us Much Needed ‘Good News’

The Berlin-based artist and producer Ant Antic brings us the Good News that we need so much these days! Tobias Koett, who his hiding behind the moniker already popped up on our radar with his previous release Slow Down last fall. This year he is back with the slow-burning production style and the hazy vocals that we came to love. His relatable lyrics target the emotional power the constant flow of information through modern media has on a person. Good News takes a positive turn, and instead of being an overload on negativity speaks off a ‘bombardment of the good news’. The cinematic music video was shot in the Croatian desert before the bad news came rolling in. Good News is part of Ant Antic‘s forthcoming album Good Vids, Vile Times, out in late 2020. 

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