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— Daily Tune 21/09/2018

Anteros – ‘Call Your Mother’

UK rock outfit Anteros first caught our attention at the beginning of this year with their really catchy track Bonnie. Recently, the group around leading lady Laura Hayden released an even catchier new single that goes by the name Call Your Mother. It delivers that wild, fearless Wolf Alice-like rawness but is also a really sweet piece of pop music. The cinematic clip finds Hayden in the isolation of the Moroccan desert which is a metaphor for the lyrical content of the song. ‘Growing up, leaving home, the first taste of freedom is the sweetest. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth,’ as the singer explains. ‘Confusion, mess, self-awareness, little big disasters, discovering the grey area. Having to stew there for a while.’ They surely are a band on the rise and with songs like that we’re probably gonna here a lot more form Anteros over the course of the next months.

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