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— Daily Tune 26/02/2020

Attawalpa – ‘Holliday’

I wanted Holliday to sound like Kanye West traveled in time to produce Neil Young,’ Attawalpa says about his third single release Holliday. Ambitious words, but the slow burning groove and the dreamy vocals, sent through a hazy blur, do sound like a grainy strip of film from back in the day. Conjuring sunny seaside vibes from another era, the London-based artist cooks up a full orchestration to the single including jazzy saxophones and crashing drums. Twisting and turning with its ever-changing instrumentation, Holliday itself feels like a musical journey along a sunny coastline. The musician and producer proves his sensibilities for melodic arrangements and nostalgic sounds, once again, and teases the forthcoming debut EP Spells.

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