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— Daily Tune 11/11/2019

Aunty Social – ‘Crack A Deal’

Toronto-based artist Daniela Gitto aka Aunty Social loves to play with stereotypical images in her new music video. While the clip for Crack A Deal is obviously inspired by the promise of the classic American dream it actually represents a more bizarre and nightmarish version of itself. Well, pretty fitting considering what’s happening to the country right now. Apart from the images the song itself remains a pretty wonderful piece of shimmering dream pop, enriched by a soulful character and a bittersweet atmosphere that only shines through if you happen to take a closer look. “This song is a prayer to the 9 to 5 gods begging them to give me a break,” Aunty Social explains the song. It’s the story of Gitto leaving her ordinary office job behind and seek for fulfillment via the life of an artist. It’s her very own American dream and we’re pretty sure that it won’t turn into a nightmare. Her debut EP The Day My Brain Broke is set for a release in March.

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