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— Daily Tune 16/03/2021

Get “Happy” With The Bittersweet Fuzzy Indie Rock Of Bad Idea

Despite being called Happy and claiming that they are in the chorus this song by Leeds-based alternative rock four-piece Bad Idea actually feels quite melancholic. Maybe it’s a subtle sadness I read into the track considering that the recent one year anniversary of the new normality of our pandemic life really feels like the opposite of being happy. And that actially lines up with the theme of the track as well as singer Sarah Sefton cofirms: “Songwriting is what we’ve been left with this year, and ‘Happy’ encapsulates that sense of meditation and catharsis that we’ve been able to unleash onstage.” Especially towards the end of its five-minute-long runtime the song call for happiness gets a bit more desperate and you can really sense the emotional weight of this hazy little lo-fi dream pop rock anthem Bad Idea created with their latest single. It gets better and better with every spin and I’m pretty confident that this won’t be the last time we hear from these folks.

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