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— Daily Tune 30/04/2019

BAILEN – ‘Something Tells Me’

There’s something heavily old-fashioned in the music of BAILEN and that’s probably why it’s so tempting in the end. Something Tells Me and it’s powerful bluesy country rock sound like a forgotten Fleetwood Mac tune from the mid 70s. It’s also the first track the trio of fraternal twins Daniel (vocals/bass/synth/guitar) and David (vocals/drums) and younger sister Julia (vocals/guitar) wrote together for the band that got her family name – Bailen. The song grapples with self-doubt in the midst of hope and optimism while getting carried by those captivating vocal harmonies. Their debut album Thrilled To Be Here was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, The War on Drugs) and is out now via Fantasy Records.

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