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— Daily Tune 11/03/2021

Balcony’s Paradise Invite Us To Their Countryside Porch To Meditate On “True Love”

Balcony’s Paradise is what most of us called the summer vacation we got in the year of the pandemic. But two musicians in the heart of the Victorian countryside made it the setting for their musical project. Lorenz O’tool and Jeremy Tayler teamed up in the idyll of a lonely nature bound house in the Australian summer to write songs. True Love captures the ambience of summer in Australia and the lazy haze of hot afternoons perfectly. With acoustic guitar a drum box and vocals, its laid-back indie folk arrangements are infectious. The leisurely atmosphere is enhanced by the voices in the background of people chatting. True Love is not a studio production, but a clean sound is not the goal anyways, instead they craft an encompassing environmental sound to escape the reality of wherever you are for a moment to join them on their porch, their Balcony’s Paradise. Their self-fitled debut album is out now.

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