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— Daily Tune 24/01/2020

BAMBARA – ‘Heat Lightning’

Heat Lightning is Bambara’s latest single teasing the New York post-punkers forthcoming LP Stray due in February. Over the driving drumbeat, lead singer Reid Bateh howls and moans his vocals between laconic drawl and aggressive outburst. Conjuring a dark and dystopian vision, the single seems to best fit into a black and white film about the gritty New York underground. On their album, the trio says, they reflect on many different characters – the most prominent one being death. ‘For the most part Death is doing his work in the background, or even between other people’s stories, but there are a few songs where I wanted to give him the spotlight.’ And Bambara’s latest release certainly does that! IDLES are already on board for these folks and you should too.

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